The Eternal Quest

The Eternal Quest


Track Listing

1. Out of the Blue

The First Shoot 
2. Movement I - Giocoso
3. Movement II - Andantino
4. Movement III - Tempo di "Hesitation Waltz"
5. Movement IV - sub Vivace
6. Movement V - Vivace

7. You Raise Me Up Cornet Soloist Jamie Smith

8. My Fair Lady

9. The Eternal Quest Guest Trombone Soloist Dudley Bright

10. The Seal Lullaby Flugel Horn Soloist Catherine Owen

11. In the King’s Service

12. Sky High Soprano Cornet Soloist David Nichols

13. You’ll Never Walk Alone

14. One Day in Your Life Tenor Horn Soloist Chris Pannell

The Armed Man
15. The Armed Man
16. Hymn Before Action
17. Charge!
18. Angry Flames
19. Benedictus (Euphonium Soloist Matthew Allsop)
20. Better is Peace

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