Hammonds Saltaire Return to Salts Mill

6476769_origOn the 9th December 2010 the band had the honour of returning to our original home when we were invited by Zoe Silver to perform at one of the late night openings of Salts Mill. The large number of shoppers were treated to a variety of traditional Christmas items as well as music from the films and some of the bands soloists.
Some of the visitors spent as much time listening to the band as they did looking around the hall at the art work of David Hockney which adorns the walls of the impressive Victorian mill.

We were extremely pleased to be invited to the mill as the band was formed there by Sir Titus Salt in 1855. Over the last few years we have performed a number at a number of concerts within Saltaire but this was our first chance to perform at the place where it all started 155 years ago.

The band would like to offer a huge thanks to Zoe Silver and all those at Salts Mill for giving us the opportunity to play there.

Darran West