Eternal Quest Featured on BBC Sounds of Brass

Cover of The Eternal Quest
Cover of The Eternal Quest

Following on from our recent involvement in BBC Music Day the band are once again featured on another BBC programme. Later today (Sunday 2nd August) listeners in the South East of England can hear several tracks from our latest CD, The Eternal Quest, on BBC Sounds of Brass with Phillip Hunt. The tracks featured are: OUT OF THE BLUE Hubert Bath YOU RAISE ME UP Rolf Lovland arr. Andrew Duncan - Cornet Soloist Jamie Smith SKY HIGH Dean Jones - Soprano Cornet Soloist David Nichols ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE Renee Armand arr. Darrol Barry - Tenor Horn Soloist Chris Pannell

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The programmes is broadcast at 19:05 and repeated at midnight. If you are not in the area covered by this broadcast but would like to hear a sample of the CD then you can listen online for the next month via the BBC iPlayer. It will be available shortly after the original broadcast ends at around 20:00 BST. Please visit BBC Sound of Brass (02/08/2015) to listen to the show.

If you would like to hear the rest of this CD, or any more of our recordings, please remember to visit our online shop.

Darran West