Dudley Bright Works with Hammonds Again


On Saturday 31st January the band had the pleasure of working once again with Dudley Bright, the principal trombonist of the London Symphony Orchestra. He has worked with us once before when we played his composition, Pursuing Horizons, but this time we got to hear him play as well.


We are currently in the process of recording our third CD and we jumped at the chance to feature Dudley as our guest soloist. He chose to play The Eternal Quest by the late Ray Steadman-Allen as a tribute to his fellow Salvationist.

Dudley spent Thursday evening working through the piece with the band as well as the Saturday afternoon of the recording session putting the piece down. Being such a long and complex it took quite a bit of time to getting everything recorded to the point where both band and soloist were happy. However, after long but productive afternoon the finished takes were on the bag and everyone left the studio happy.

The finished CD (provisionally called 'The Eternal Quest') will be on sale from our website in a few weeks time. Please look back again for further information.

Darran West