Early Hammonds Sauce Works Photos Added

Old photo of the bandDuring the interval at our concert in the United Reform Church in Saltaire several of the band were introduced to a gentleman by the name of Jack Widdop. During the conversation we learned more about the band’s history from 1946.
This was a very important year in the history of the band as it marks the date when H. B. Hawley began the sponsorship of the band that lasted for nearly 50 years. Prior to this the band was called Salts (Saltaire) and Mr. Hawley had been involved with them for some time. He was also the managing director of the Hammonds Sauce Works company as well. In 1946 he merged the Salts (Saltaire) band with a junior band he had formed and the Hammonds Sauce Works Band was created.

Jack Widdop played with the Salts (Saltaire) band prior to 1946 and was one of the founding members of the Sauce Works band in 1946. The photos he has provided are from the first few years of the Sauce Works band and show them at concerts and contests throughout the country. There is also a copy of Jack’s membership card from June 1946 (he was member number 26). The band is incredibly grateful to Jack for loaning these photos to use so that we could add copies to our site.

The gallery of pictures can be found in our multimedia pages and if you would like to learn more about the history of the band please read through our history section.

Darran West